Universal Flag Movement – A Great Tool to Awake Human Consciousness to Life’s Interconnection

Chicago, IL (freeukpressrelease) January 30, 2012 – It’s easy to see that the belief in separation becomes the primary cause for violence in the world. To create awareness about life’s interconnection, between; the Universal Peace Flag Movement was founded by the Universal Flag Foundation. The peace flag is shared by communities in over 100 countries. Thousands of people from different races, religions and backgrounds have already embraced the significance of interconnection and are celebrating it with joy, love and peace.

The universal peace flag has a design where each component has a very unique meaning; white background, colors, waves and a gold band. Purity that keeps humans perfect is what is represented by the white background of the flag. World peace, being the primary motive of the movement is also well-expressed by flag’s background. A good range of colors reflects the vibrations of energy that are common to individuals all over the world. Life has its own ebbs and flows, which is very well represented by the waves in the flag. And the whole symbol is encompassed by the gold band that clearly depicts the importance of treating one another equally.

It is possible for us as a world to create widespread joy, prosperity and peace if we focus on helping others to remember the interconnection and interdependence of everyone and everything. This simple message is what is conveyed through the universal peace flag. Individuals can also use accessories like peace shirts with the Universal Flag symbol to share and celebrate this valuable message with others.

“I see a universal flag serving as a reminder of how dynamic and varied the expression of life truly is. It’s not about homogenizing our world, it’s about celebrating the perfection of it. We don’t lose anything. We still get to be our own unique selves — as individuals, as citizens, as ethnicities, and so on, while at the same time recognizing a larger truth of infinite love and connection. I feel strongly that a common symbol, a reminder of our oneness, is actually critical to enabling the unique cultures of the world to flourish. When everyone understands that we are one with All, there is no longer the fear or hatred that leads to prejudice, or even ethnic cleansing and genocide,” says Brian McClure, the Founder and Managing Director of The Universal Flag Foundation.

“The time to create positive change in This World is now. Do not just say, ‘This is great.’ Act Now! Wear the symbol on your clothing, display your flag, and allow them to remind us of our Higher Truth,” Brian adds further.

About UniversalFlag.com

UniversalFlag.com has its main purpose as to raise consciousness with thoughts of life’s interconnection. The world peace flag introduced by this foundation represents the concept of interdependence in a perfect way. To learn more, visit http://www.universalflag.com/