Tradjenta Approved for Use in Type 2 Diabetes

Tradjenta has been found to a very effective drug to help treat diabetes in today’s modern world. After several tests were carried out in laboratory’s worldwide, it has been concluded the drug when used together with metformin, will become effective in controlling the body’s blood glucose levels. Both drugs are already used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes worldwide, and some doctors have already been found to prescribe these two drugs together. Tradjenta is also the only diabetes medication to date that requires no need for an adjustment of dose in adult patients.

Metformin is a successful Glucophage drug that is used to control type 2 diabetes for those that have never heard the term. It is the chosen choice of treatment for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes that are in particular overweight or obese and have a normal liver function. When prescribed to the appropriate level there are very few adverse effects suffered, the only noted side effect is a form of gastrointestinal upset.

There is no doubt that these two drugs on their own are very helpful the sufferers if diabetes, so to combine the two drugs makes for a very powerful working action. There was a 24 week trail that had recently taken place in the US were ill-treated patients who received the combination saw a 3.7% average reduction in HbA1c. The combination of the two drugs was also well taken to from by the body as only 9% of patients suffered from side effects.

As you can see there is very few side effects form either both of these drugs used on their own or as combination. If both drugs are combined, the two will provide a very powerful effective service, to the sufferer of type 2 diabetes.

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