Top Canada Pharmacy Goes Viral on Social Media

Prestigious Canadian online pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs (BMD), recently launched their Facebook business page to serve more clients globally and provide faster and better interactive information on their business. The Facebook page allows the customers direct access to the online pharmacy and enable them purchase their requirements. BMD’s presence in Facebook brings top quality drugs and medicines at affordable prices to Facebook users anywhere on the planet.

A large number of HealthCanadaand FDA approved prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be ordered from BMD via its online pharmacy, by mail, fax or by phone. The ordered drugs are delivered to the doorstep of the customers all over the world. When ordering by phone or making an inquiry, customers are helped by multi lingual customer care agents. According to Tim Burns, the Head of Customer Care of BMD, their customer support staff will speak in combination, more than ten languages including English, Spanish, French, Hindi, German, Italian, Japanese, Tagalog and more. More and more people are turning to Big Mountain Drugs for their prescription filling requirements and purchase of medical supplies and devices, due to such convenience and also due to affordability factor.

Big Mountain Drugs spokesperson stated that the new Facebook business page has attracted many new international customers. International customers, especially the customers from US, find that the prices at BMD online pharmacy are lower than the prices they pay when buying from any regular pharmacy in US. They enjoy the hassle-free delivery to the doorstep. BMD spokesperson explained how they bring high quality drugs at low prices. “Drug policies and industry practices are the main reasons for low prices of drugs inCanada. Provincial legislatures introduce laws that keep the drug prices low. International customers also can get the same benefit of low prices when they buy drugs from BMD.”

“With our Face Book business page, combined with our Twitter and YouTube activities, we are increasing our viral marketing messages in the social media” stated the marketing manager of the company. These social media networks allow our fans to recommend us to their network of friends and the spread of word of mouth news is exponential and very viral. While there is a downside to this, if your company is going to receive some negative world of mouth publicity, it is still one of the most effective ways to establish an interactive relationship with your potential customers.

The customers of Big Mountain Drugs get attractive discounts on the already low prices. Customers get a reward of 5% of the total purchase value that can be redeemed when they make another purchase subsequently.  Discount coupon scheme introduced with a partner site, onlinepharmacycoupons.com offers free discount coupons to the values ranging from $5 to $25. For example, senior citizen customers can get a discount of $10 simply by quoting coupon code “senior10” when ordering their requirements. These coupons will be made available through the BMD Face book page for those who become a fan of the page.

Big Mountain Drugs is a pharmacy registered pharmacy operating regular brick and mortar pharmacies inBritish Columbia,Canada. It is registered and licensed byCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia. It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). BMD upholds the ethical, social and legal principles of the pharmacy association. It has been verified by the independent verifier of international pharmacies, PharmacyChecker.com. Customers can verify the claims made by the online pharmacies by visiting PharmacyChecker.com and the websites of the relevant organizations.


Big Mountain Pharmacies provides a wide portfolio of branded and generic prescription as well as OTC Drugs at affordable prices via its Online Canadian Pharmacy. Customers can now enjoy the benefits of high quality drugs as Lexapro 20mg and various otherCanada prescription drugs delivered worldwide to their doorstep.