The Gourmet Trotter Reinvents The Picnic-What Is The Gourmet Trotter?

Victoria, London (freeukpressrelease) January 27, 2012 – Dining in the outdoors has never been more stylish and simple since the invention of the Gourmet Trotter. When people are searching to transform the traditional picnic into a luxurious eating experience, this new product will be ideal. It is a one of a kind and uniquely crafted product that is sure to revolutionise the way that people tote gourmet food.

The Gourmet Trotter was developed with portability in mind. It is modelled after a golf bag’s cylinder shape and consists of three separate compartments that are individually labelled. Each portion is joined together with a magnet system that lies out of sight. When assembled, it appears as a tower that is placed on a trolley that is commonly used to hold golf bags. The golf trolley’s straps are connected to each unit and fastened securely. This lets the doors on each compartment to be opened while in transport. The contents can be easily accessed at all times. At the same time, all of the contents are securely attached inside as well. When the units are to be separated, a simple twist will do the trick. This invention is more than a luxury picnic basket!

Since the Gourmet Trotter can be reconfigured and is capable of storing all kinds of items, it is extremely versatile. For example, when the units are separated, they can be used as tables. This is much better than the old picnic blanket on the grass. Transportation is a dream because the unit can be pulled by a strong handle and is easily stored or carried in a car’s trunk.

One of the best things about this product is its stylish appearance. There are three different designs to choose from; however all of them still can house napkins, utensils, plates, wine, and a number of canisters. These contents are what separate the normal picnic basket from the Gourmet Trotter. Each trotter comes with linen napkins, stainless steel cutlery, corkscrew, and bowls, porcelain bowls and plates, wine glasses, salt and pepper shaker, and a serving board. What a delightful experience you can have dining al fresco with this wonderful, inventive luxury picnic hamper.

Since its recent launch, the Gourmet Trotter has been received very well by its audience. People love the fact that it is so handy and stylish. Very few products on the market allow true foodies to extend luxury dining to the outdoors in picnic style. It is a true way to get the highest level of gourmet food while on the go without spending a lot of money. It is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in enjoying a fine meal.

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