Speedy Approval of genetic Drugs saves Millions of Tax Dollars

New Brunswickprovincial government has taken swift action to approve the generic version of Plavix, a drug used against heart attacks, for use under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program. Provincial government’s action has been praised by the N.B. Pharmacists’ Association citing the huge savings that can be made from the Tax Dollars. Alistair Bursey, president of the N.B. Pharmacists’ Association showed the savings that has been made by cutting down the time for approval by three months. “This responsive move has saved an estimated $370,000. The current approval process can easily take three months, which in the case of this drug would cost the province approximately $4,100 per day, or $370,000 over the next three months” said Bursley.

New Brunswickgovernment’s process for approval of genetic drugs normally takes more than three months. In 2010, Approval of Lipitor, best selling Cholesterol lowering drug took three months for approval resulting in an estimated $ one Million loss. Pharmasists’ Association issued an open letter to the Finance Minister last year, requesting speedier processing of approval for generic drugs citing the losses caused by three months delay in approving Lipitor as an example and showing the huge amounts of savings that can be made. Bursey is full of praise for the governments prompt response to their request. “We’d like to congratulate the government for moving so quickly to approve the generic version of Plavix for use under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program”

Canada’s provincial governments have their own prescription formularies and these can vary from province to province. The provincial governments negotiate the prices with the pharmaceutical companies and decide the price limits for each drug. The times taken for inclusion of new drugs also may vary. Speedy approval of the new generic drugs can save lots of money to provincial governments, insurance companies and the individuals who have to pay for their drug requirements. Online pharmacies also can sell the drugs at the lowered prices as they too can get the benefit of lower prices.

A spokesperson from Big Mountain Drugs (BMD), the leading Canadian online pharmacy, said “We always bring the new generic drugs to our customers as soon as they are approved and made available to us by the manufacturers. By this way we pass the price advantage to all our customers distributed world wide.” She predicted a big drop in the prices of prescription drugs this year due to many block buster patent drugs loosing patent protection making way for the generic versions.

She went on to explain the advantages for the BMD’s customers. “In addition to the usually low prices inCanada, our customers can get attractive discounts, when they quote the coupon codes that can be obtained from our partner site onlinepharmacycoupons.com. Our loyalty reward scheme rewards customers for every purchase they make. Customers receive a reward of 5% of the purchase to be redeemed when they make a subsequent purchase.” She cautioned the customers about the rogue pharmacies duping the innocent patients and requested to check the credentials of the websites they are dealing with.

The spokesperson presented the credentials of Big Mountains Drugs “Ours is a licensed pharmacy operating inProvinceofBritish Columbia. It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Pharmacychecker.com, an independent company also has verified Big Mountains Drugs. Customers too can and should check and verify these details fromCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia, the licensing authority for pharmacies inBritish Columbia.


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