Specially discovered in the contact lenses market’s special inspection that the whole city

Since this year, Shenyang reorganizes the standard medical instrument market motion to make the progress. carrera sunglasses According to the Shenyang food Drugs Surveillance Administrative bureau introduced that to December 17, in development medical instrument special improvement, altogether makes the punishment to 46 contrary units.in 2006, doctor the roentgen nursing fluid, the cosmetology gold thread, the Austria US decides, a pile pile medical instrument event causes the society to pay attention highly. The Shenyang food Drugs Surveillance Administrative bureau has carried out medical instrument special improvement, the firm stop counterfeit and inferior product flows in the market, harms the common people health.

According to the city food medicine supervises the bureau medical instrument place person in charge to introduce that at present Shenyang altogether has 143 medical instrument Production enterprise, 1010 Operations of business, as well as including cartier sunglasses 2600 Yujia Village clinic 4729 Medical establishment. In the inspection, to the Medical establishment mainly by the disposable use aseptic medical instrument, implants in vivo medical instrument, the recovery physical therapy and the diagnostic instrumentation, the diagnosis reagent and so on takes the key inspection product, mainly investigates the Medical establishment illegal purchase, storing and the use medical instrument behavior, prevents fake and shoddy, expired, the expiration, the elimination, unqualified or not certificate of conformity product enters the clinical use

. Specially discovered in the contact lenses market’s special inspection that the whole city only had 23 optical shops to obtain “Medical instrument Operation of business Permit” qualified after the inspection approval, but in the market sold the contact lenses cheap sunglasses and the nursing fluid enterprise has several hundred, the overwhelming majority optical shop was the non-card management. The medicine supervises the department to remind the general residents to purchase time this kind of product must enhance vigilance. Young Wei is the third day female student, the schoolwork rhythm is very usually intense. In this winter vacation period, young Wei Aunt very “enlightened”, promises her in advance, so long as the terminal examinations result is good, winter vacation is Spring Festival period specially, may “accompany the daybreak” with the computer network.

Discriminates such example to be everywhere, even has formed one kind of common phenomenon. Actually does this, regarding the young people eye health care is very harmful. Eye always very “fragile”, will use the eye even to induce the adjustment sunglasses shop convulsion excessively, will present the temporary shortsighted phenomenon. The guardian when hears oneself child nearsightedness blurted out frequently: “is the pseudo or the vera?”Many people believed that “the nearsightedness has division the genuine and fake”, “the pseudo is vera reversible either the early stage”, “may use the medicine or the special lens or the equipment prevents and controls the pseudomyopia”. These viewpoint by no means scientific conclusion.