Orthovisc For Healthy and Pain Free Joints

Orthovisc is commonly prescribed to treat joint pain. Osteoarthritis is a painful physical condition which keeps away people from taking part or enjoying things they love the most. If anyone from your family is suffering from this painful condition, then you might be aware of the pain and suffering of the person.

Most orthopedic surgeons advise orthovisc treatment to eliminate the severe pain in the joints and knee caused due to the osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one disease which gradually dries up the natural synovial fluid, which is present in knees and makes the patients unable to stand or move properly.

Orthovisc effectively works to treat osteoarthritis. This medication is formulated with Hyaluronan which is a substance quite similar to that of the natural synovial fluid. It is injected directly into the problematic knee or knee joints for treating the physical condition. Basically, it acts similar to a lubricant in the knees.

With every injection natural chemicals are introduced into the body essential for the joints and the knee. The injection is given for 3 weeks and it produces cushioning effects in the knee joints. In the process it alleviates the knee pain.

Orthovisc is a type of intra-articular injection which needs to be medically supervised by an orthopedic surgeon or an experienced doctor. Those who are allergic to egg, chicken, and other bird products are all advised to consult the health care practitioner before buying this medication. Otherwise this might cause some severe health complications.

It has been verified as safe and effective in treatment of the osteoarthritis. However, like the other available medications, it can even cause mild to moderate side effects like back pain, headache, nausea, swelling and several others. The side effects can occur for a short period of time.

If in case the symptoms and the other problems persist, then you would be advised to stop using the medication. Consult your doctor as immediately as possible. It is also advised that those patients who are allergic to the Hyaluronate products must not use this medication. Nonetheless, if there is a skin disease or an infection in the area then the injection to the joint or site must be avoided.

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