Oral Vs Intravenous Cancer Therapies Give Patients a New Lease of Life

Oral Cancer drug pills prove to be more effective in stabilizing cancer, adding more years to lives of cancer patients.

According to a leading Canadian pharmacy, the oral cancer drugs offer a new lease of life to cancer patients. New generation of oral cancer drugs are less toxic, more targeted and have lesser serious side effects. Many new cancer drugs under development are pills that are targeted on different forms of cancer and are likely to be more effective than the present chemotherapy drugs administered intravenously. While in Canada there is no disparity of costs incurred for choosing oral vs. intravenous treatment, in USA, this is not the case so far.

In the US, intravenous chemotherapy drugs are covered under hospital-care and patients are required to pay a relatively smaller amount as co-payment while the oral drugs are covered by the pharmacy benefit requiring the patients pay a higher co-payment for the drugs. This makes most patients having to choose intravenous treatment, driven by cost benefits than medical benefits.

The recent Senate Bill 194 titled “Regarding the delivery of certain non-self-injectable and compounded medications and insurance coverage for orally administered cancer medications” sponsored by Senators Gillmor, Oelslager and Tavares is hoped to end the disparity between this cost disparity and stop the need for pocketing out more money from patients for oral chemotherapy treatment. This should ensure that patients get the medication that their physician thinks as most appropriate, than be decided by cost factors.

Fourteen states in US have already passed laws that remove the cost disparities in Oral chemotherapy treatment and IV chemotherapy treatments. If SB 194 is enacted, Ohio will be the fifteenth state to have laws that helps many cancer patients to get the oral therapy which has many advantages over the traditional IV treatment. Some forms of cancers that used to end in certain death can now be treated with new oral cancer drugs successfully. It stabilizes and manages the condition, giving a new lease of life.

A spokes person from Big Mountain Drugs, Canada a leading licensed Canadian pharmacy notes that if lifesaving treatments of this nature are easily accessible and if people are able to buy the expensive oral pills over prolonged periods with support from the health plans, they have a longer time to live.

“Canadian customers are privileges to enjoy government regulated prices when it comes to purchasing drugs and now, more and more people from other parts of the world order from Canada pharmacies due to the shocking price disparity” – stated the spokesman.

When it comes to illnesses as cancer, treatments cost immensely and patients have to worry about the medical costs incurred. At BMD, a number of top brand cancer drugs and their generic versions are offered at 50-70% less than in US pharmacies.

BMD spokes person went on to elaborate on cancer drugs and stated that cancer pills and tablets as  Letrozole Everolimus,  Nilutamide,  Anastrozole,  Bicalutamide,  Dolasetron etc. are available in BMD product portfolio.  “Our prices for Cancer pills are very low compared to the prices at local pharmacies in US. We always try to get the new drugs as soon as they are released to the market by manufacturers. We keep track of the developments in the field and look for best manufacturers from all over the world to give the best quality products at the lowest prices.” – Mike Henderson (Procurement, BMD).

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