New Era Drug Testing: Employees Safety From Drug Abuse

If you are looking for the best drug testing company then trust the impeccable results and expertise of New Era Drug Testing where our professionals understand the need for a user friendly, convenient and result yielding drug testing program. In order to facilitate our consumers and clients we have more than 10,000 collection sites where excellent test are performed and which can be matched with your company’s zip code so that you don’t have to go somewhere far.

Today with some many increased cases of drug and substance abuse among the employees it’s imperative to maintain a healthy benefiting environment in the office so that the productivity of the company does not suffers at all.  To make sure that all the test are performed in the best possible manner the well trained certified professionals use the best equipments, techniques in a clean and healthy way to ensure complete employee screening which will surely save those several thousand hard earned dollars which otherwise may be wasted in paying off work compensation if any accident happens at the work site under drug abuse.

If you are thinking about the possible conditions and quality standards of the laboratories then we would like to inform you that at New Era Drug Testing we use only the best SAMSHA/NIDA certified and quality DOT- compliant laboratories which are well equipped and the all the test are completed within the time frame of 28-48 hours with detailed results for the employers to check and go through.

With the increasing awareness about the drug testing programs, there are many state governments which offer great discounts to employers for worker’s compensation programs. And therefore you are sure to benefit both your company and the employees. The best part is that if you do not have a new era drug testing policy then we at New Era Drug Testing can assist you in formulating a great policy for the benefit of your employees. Our professionals will also help you assist to implement that policy and make sure that you have everything to get started on this front.

We believe in offering you the best customer care services and we make sure that you have everything you require to establish a drug free environment at work.

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