Mothers Are Responsible Reason Canadian Pharmacies for Obesity in Children

Stress levels are increasing across the globe, and it has not spared small children as well. One in three children in the US suffers from obesity. Canadian pharmacies suggest mothers find ways to bond with their babies to prevent obesity from creeping in. Toddlers unable to bond with their mothers often resort to overeating, reveals a recent study. The impulsive behavioral trait leads to obesity by the time they are 15 years old. Researchers published findings of the study in Pediatrics without quoting reasons for the condition. Exact reasons may not be available, but they believe obesity may be due to inability of toddlers to cope up with stressful conditions.

Study Proves Mother’s Inability to Bond Causing Child Obesity

Around 1,000 children of different age groups were studied for emotional bonding with their mothers. Toddlers at 15 months, two years, and three years of age were observed through video coverage along with their mothers. Responses like ability of mothers to know when their babies need attention, warm, comfort, and love were monitored. Babies were observed for signs of bonding and reacting with their mothers.

Results showed children who depended on their mothers the least were more likely to suffer from eating disorders. Toddlers who demonstrated poor quality relationships with their mothers had double the chances of growing obese by the time they were 15 years old. In other words, quality of relationship between a mother and toddler was instrumental in establishing the required comfort level. Stress levels were kept to the minimum, which meant focus on overeating reduced consistently in babies. Adults, on the other hand, can easily buy Effexor from Canadian pharmacies to cope with stress disorders.

Parents Play an Important Role in Preventing Child Obesity

Several programs have been tried trying to impart knowledge about proper eating habits and exercise to children at different levels. Unfortunately, most of these programs fail without active participation of parents. Some small changes have to be adopted by parents in order to prevent obesity. For instance, initiating nutritional diet and control, establishing discipline, and avoiding rewards like ice cream are likely to help toddlers imbibe good eating habits naturally.

Parents are able to help their children cope better with stress and emotional disturbances by introducing stability in food habits as well as behavior. Experts feel parents need to develop skills required to bond with toddlers. The exact mechanism has not been recommended by the study considering different risk factors for mother-child relationship while preventing obesity.

Canadian pharmacies are convinced children learn at a very young age. Toddlers resort to overeating early, as they are unable to cope up with stressful conditions. Constant bonding exercises with their mothers distract and help them develop their own mechanisms to deal with stress. Inability to do so leads to obesity as they grow older. Information is now available, and further research needs to be done to help parents learn the skills of bonding with their children over the sensitive period of 15 months to 3 years until they are capable of dealing with stress on their own.

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