Canada Pharmacies Back Report Wanting More Healthcare Facilities for Older Women in Canada

A recent report published in Ontario, Canada, suggests older women are not receiving adequate medical help in spite of suffering from chronic health conditions. Canada pharmacies urge authorities to pay special attention to these needy women, as they live longer than men but lack the required medical assistance to deal with chronic illnesses like mental health, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Ageing is a vital issue concerning health of women. Unique challenges are faced within the health system needing urgent attention to cope up with increasing number of problems seen in older women. For example, women form majority of older citizens in Canada and represented 13% of the total population aged over 65 years in the year 2005. It is estimated the percentage will increase over 25% by the year 2056. Since the older generation represents a big part of the population needing medical help, adequate preparation is needed to face increased challenges.

Medical help must be provided to older women, as they are likely to have a higher prevalence of disability than older men, a greater burden of chronic health conditions, and functional limitations due to physical capacity. At the present time, health systems are showing disproportionate preference to older men than women in the way health services are organized and provided.

Older women often live alone and are financially insecure, which makes them vulnerable to receive adequate informal medical care as per the report Health System Use. Chronic illnesses hit them making older women more susceptible to enter long-term facilities for medical care as compared to older men. Also, women are likely to need long term medical care earlier than men. The situation demands better provision to receive long-term care than is currently available. For instance, older women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis have to buy Deltasone from canada pharmacies to find relief from symptoms like swelling and tenderness. The illness has no cure as yet making it difficult to sustain long-term treatment.

Experts are concerned with the lack of institutional care facilities dealing specifically with older women problems and suggest proper care be given to them in their homes. Observations were based on the five-year study conducted on 392,870 women over the age of 76 years. Over 100,000 women were found to be over the age of 85 years in Ontario as compared to around 50,000 men over 85 years. It clearly indicated a disproportionate number of women needing medical help much more than men.

Women are involved in caregiving opportunities, and the situation is very much so in older women. They often find themselves neglecting health by partaking in social services. Experts feel early neglect often leads to discovery of chronic illnesses at a later age. A program is needed to focus more on the type of patients involved. In this case, special programs must be devised to take care of all types of illnesses found in women over the age of 65 years.

Canada pharmacies are convinced health professionals must be trained to work with older women. They must have access to the vast number of women needing specific medical services. Government-backed programs will certainly work, if they run in conjunction with social endeavor conscious of older women problems in Canada.

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