Blackberry Bold 9790 Deals – Get the latest blackberry phone with amazing offers

Blackberry bold 9790 deals have been released in United Kingdom and it is great news for Blackberry fans. As we all know that Blackberry phones come with expensive price tag and this handset comes with big price too. Hence, mobile phone deals make it possible for everyone to get the device easily. These phone deals are provided in three important categories, for example,

Mobile phone contracts – It is most popular phone deal in United Kingdom because it features free Blackberry bold 9790 and numerous free gifts. When you sign the contract, you enter into an agreement where you cannot change the service provider. Please do not take it wrong because you are allowed to choose contract duration, like 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. As per the need, you can choose contract duration and after completion you can extend the duration or change the network provider.

SIM free and PAYG deals – These deals are simple to obtain and easy to understand. In this deal, you have to pay the actual price of Blackberry bold 9790 to RIM or mobile retailer. In these packages, you can use SIM card of any network and change it as per the need.

Blackberry Bold 9790 deals have become immensely famous in UK citizens. Do you want to know more about bold 9790? This new smart phone from RIM features 2.45 inch touch screen display and full physical QWERTY keyboard. Handset also contains 1GHz CPU, NFC support, 8GB internal memory space, and 32GB microSD card support. Like other new Blackberry phones, this one also runs on Blackberry OS 7.0. Operating bold 9790 is really simple because you have physical buttons and touch screen display to operate the whole device.

So, buy Blackberry bold 9790 deals and enjoy best benefits now.

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