Big Mountain Drugs Slashes Lipitor Prices

The prestigious Canadian online pharmacy, Big Mountains Drugs has slashed the prices of Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug. This price reduction is welcomed by millions of patients who are prescribed with this very widely used drug. Not only the patients, but the government healthcare programs and insurers will make huge savings with this price reduction. Price of a 90 pill package of Atorvastatin 40 mg tablets has been reduced from $89 to $47. Patent protection for Lipitor has expired, allowing atorvastatin, the generic Lipitor to be manufactured and sold by other companies. While mega pharmaceutical drug giant, Pfizer may lament this, the millions of patients will certainly rejoice.

What’s more shocking is that the price of brand name Lipitor in regular brick and mortar pharmacies in US cost more than ten times the price of generic product sold by Big Mountains Drugs. For example, Price of a 100 pill package of Lipitor 40 mg tablets is priced at $599 at one retail drugstore. Big Mountain Drugs has a wide range of drugs that are priced at significantly lower prices compared to the prices at US pharmacies. Lipitor is only one drug out of this wide range of products sold at significantly low prices. The above price comparison points to the huge savings that can be made by purchasing drugs from Big Mountain Drugs. A recent price survey conducted by a leading Canadian pharmacy chain found out that the Canadian online pharmacies are offering life saving drugs at almost 2/10th of the normal brick and mortar pharmacy rack prices in theUS.

A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs Canada, when queried of such vast price disparity explained that their aim is to provide best quality drugs at lowest prices. “To achieve this, we look for reputed manufacturers that can supply best quality at cheap rates. Canadian government and provincial drug policies make the price of prescription drugs low inCanada. The same pharmaceutical giants that sell at high prices in other countries bow down to the demands made by Canadian legislature. Approval of generic drugs by the provincial authorities is done without much delay, enabling the early introduction of these to the market” concluded the spokesperson, with a lengthy elaboration on prices regulations. Generic Lipitor was approved inCanadain May, 2011 enabling other manufacturers to launch them in the market well before it was available in US.

Big Mountains Drugs is a licensed pharmacy operating in Provinceof British Columbia. It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). It is a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). There is a team of well qualified, licensed pharmacists to issue the medications and answer the customers. Pharmacychecker.com, has verified Big Mountains Drugs and ranked them as one of the best online pharmacies in the world. Pharmacychecker.com verifies the    international pharmacies for their authenticity, quality of their medicines and the services in addition to the compliance with legal requirements. Customers also can check and verify these details fromCollege ofPharmacists ofBritish Columbia, the licensing authority for pharmacies inBritish Columbia.


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