Pound till Payday – Viaduct the space between urgencies and next payday

Are you in an urgent need of some funds? A large amount of bills and expenses is pending? Are you facing the problem of gap between the next payday and the urgencies? Pound till payday is the best way to sort out such problems. Pounds till payday is planned in such a manner that it provides you the funds at the time when you get totally disappoint due to unarranged funds at the time of crisis. These loans act as the savior at the time of such a critical condition of arranging urgent funds at the time of financial crisis.

These loans are the best option to be opted by the people who are looking for the quick money at the time of financial crisis. These loans can provide you the monetary aid up to £1500. No doubt pound till payday is a great relief for those who are facing the problem of arranging urgent funds. As these provide you instant help within a short time period. You can easily avail these loans as you need not to do heavy paper work and faxing of documents.  These loans are instant as these are available online. You just have o fill an application form that is available online.

These funds can be used to arrange small birthday parties, paying off medical bills, home renovation and car repairing etc. These loans provide you the best way to sort out your financial problems.



Specialized Eye Care with Eye Contour Gel Cream

Enriched with Vitamin C, Zinc and Bioflavinoids, eye contour gel cream is available with leading skin care stores to take care of delicate eye area of individuals in Richmond, BC.

January 31, 2012; Richmond, BC:  Reveal yourself with high potential based natural eye contour gel cream available with leading online skin care stores in Richmond, BC. The products are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and wrinkles to keep delicate area younger looking.

Many people are looking for effective anti wrinkle eye cream. But, when you make difference between anti wrinkle cream from eye contour gel cream, it may shock you.

It is all due to the presence of useful ingredients that make eye contour gel cream effective and of high potential. The gel creams which can be seen with leading skin care stores come enriched with Vitamin C, Bioflavinoids, Zinc and Tyrosine.

One needs to be very careful what to use around the eyes. And thus it is important to know about the main ingredients and their effective role in keeping eye area safe and healthy. With fusion of proteins complexes and enzymes, the gel creams are known to help in increase in the production of new elastin and collagen forming molecules.

Ascorbic acid is used as the ingredient to promote collagen production and being the important component of collagenase, and it is required to dismantle defective, stiffed and old collagen.

Skin elasticity is something which is promoted by a specific group of water soluble green tea Bioflavinoids. With all these ingredients, the eye contour gel cream help in improving the overall appearance of skin around the eyes and you can feel the difference within 8-12 weeks of use.

And you can get this effective product from Cara-Mia, one of the leading wholesale distributors for renowned skin care line, Cellex C. The store is located in Richmond, BC and has been offering a range of products like Cellex – C complex, sun care, correctives and much more.

Cara-Mia has been offering superior quality skin care products including eye contour gel cream, sun care, correctives from leading brand, Cellex C Compelx in western Canadian region such as Richmond BC.


All New Gluten-Free Cooking Series is Announced By InJust10Pages.com

Barrie, Ontario ( freeukpressrelease ) January 30, 2012 – As said by diet experts, eliminating gluten from food is the key to reversing the effects of gluten-related symptoms. Understanding the need of gluten-sensitive people, InJust10Pages.com comes forward with the release of Easy Gluten Free Cooking Series that comprises of 60 delicious, gluten-free recipes that are easy to cook and tastes great. Brandon Schmid, the President and CEO of In Just 10 Pages, created the website with the primary motive of serving consumers with products that cut the fluff and focus on only the most important information.

The new gluten-free recipe series announced by InJust10Pages offers easy, delicious, chef created recipes that are best in taste and fits in just one page. Nothing complicated will people find in the making of these recipes since all ingredients found in the series are easily affordable and are available from local supermarkets or on www.glutenfree.com.

Celiac disease is the most common health symptom people face today because of the intake of gluten. Being an autoimmune disorder, this often brings painful symptoms. The fact behind food recipes for celiac patients and gluten-intolerants are that it should be both easy to cook and healthy in all aspects. The food people consume regularly has high gluten percentage making them sensitive to it. Even though gluten-free diet is not recommended for everyone, it’s wiser to stick to such recipes for leading a healthy life.

Approximately 1 in 120 people can develop sensitivity to gluten. Knowing this, the InJust10Pages expert team set out to help solve this problem by creating this recipe series. Upon ordering the Easy Gluten Free Recipes, users will also receive a few additional bonuses including the gluten free shopping guide, restaurant guide and a 45 min expert audio interview.

“We care deeply for our customers and so strive to offer them recipes that have the most healthy, natural and easy to find ingredients. All our gluten-free recipe series are created by expert caterers and food marketing consultants and are available online at affordable prices”, says the spokesperson of InJust10Pages.com.

Living a completely gluten-free life has a lot of health benefits not only to celiac patients but to everyone. For people looking for best ways to stay true to the gluten-free diet, the cooking recipe series offered by the website is a great option.

About InJust10Pages.com

InJust10Pages.com is created and run by Brandon Schmid and the InJust10Pages team. The goal is to provide “fluff-free” content that is written by experts. The Easy Gluten Free Recipe Series is their latest release. For more info or to order the series check out: http://injust10pages.com/products/view/Easy+Gluten+Free+Cooking+Series/60025



Name-necklace.com Provides Name Necklaces To Personalized Jewelry Lovers Around The World

NEW YORK, NY (freeukpressrelease ) January 31, 2012 – Name-necklace.com is making gift buying much easier by providing beautiful, high-quality name necklaces at affordable prices. Name-necklace.com provides high quality gold and silver personalized jewelry for customers around the world, ensuring the best customer service available. One of the advantages of shopping at this website is that the company is centralized. They handle every aspect of the business: design, orders, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. This means that the “middle man” is eliminated, ensuring great prices and service.

Personalized jewelry is a great gift-giving option for girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, or any female gift recipients, and for any number of occasions. The impressive selection of designs offered by name-necklace.com makes it easy to find just the right necklace for a special lady’s birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary, or religious holiday. Best of all, a name necklace shows that extra thought and attention was put into the gift selection. They have hundreds of designs to choose from, and customize each necklace with the name of the customer’s choosing. In fact, they can create custom jewelry with any name in any language, which is a rare service.

Another rarity offered by this site is live online customer service. Customers can gain instantaneous assistance through a customized real-time messaging format. This unique feature sets their customer service process apart from most online stores, as does the free worldwide shipping. Their attractive website is user-friendly and it is even linked to Facebook and Twitter, so it is convenient and entertaining.

Not everyone can afford diamonds, but personalized jewelry like name necklaces offer another option. These necklaces are made from fine silver and gold, but they also include the all-important personal touch that some other jewelry items lack. This combination of fine materials, unique designs, and customization makes a name necklace a perfect gift at an affordable price.

With so much attention on internet scams and online criminal behavior, it is refreshing to know that an online store is trustworthy. Fortunately, name-necklace.com holds the highest standards in secure online payments through major credit cards and Paypal. All of these factors have contributed to the site’s overwhelming international success.

About Name-necklace.com

Name-necklace.com provides beautiful, customized name necklaces to customers around the world who seek the finest in personalized jewelry. Each name necklace is made by the people of namenecklace.com, meaning that they ship directly from the factory, keeping the costs low and the quality high. For more information, please contact http://name-necklace.com/



Oral Vs Intravenous Cancer Therapies Give Patients a New Lease of Life

Oral Cancer drug pills prove to be more effective in stabilizing cancer, adding more years to lives of cancer patients.

According to a leading Canadian pharmacy, the oral cancer drugs offer a new lease of life to cancer patients. New generation of oral cancer drugs are less toxic, more targeted and have lesser serious side effects. Many new cancer drugs under development are pills that are targeted on different forms of cancer and are likely to be more effective than the present chemotherapy drugs administered intravenously. While in Canada there is no disparity of costs incurred for choosing oral vs. intravenous treatment, in USA, this is not the case so far.

In the US, intravenous chemotherapy drugs are covered under hospital-care and patients are required to pay a relatively smaller amount as co-payment while the oral drugs are covered by the pharmacy benefit requiring the patients pay a higher co-payment for the drugs. This makes most patients having to choose intravenous treatment, driven by cost benefits than medical benefits.

The recent Senate Bill 194 titled “Regarding the delivery of certain non-self-injectable and compounded medications and insurance coverage for orally administered cancer medications” sponsored by Senators Gillmor, Oelslager and Tavares is hoped to end the disparity between this cost disparity and stop the need for pocketing out more money from patients for oral chemotherapy treatment. This should ensure that patients get the medication that their physician thinks as most appropriate, than be decided by cost factors.

Fourteen states in US have already passed laws that remove the cost disparities in Oral chemotherapy treatment and IV chemotherapy treatments. If SB 194 is enacted, Ohio will be the fifteenth state to have laws that helps many cancer patients to get the oral therapy which has many advantages over the traditional IV treatment. Some forms of cancers that used to end in certain death can now be treated with new oral cancer drugs successfully. It stabilizes and manages the condition, giving a new lease of life.

A spokes person from Big Mountain Drugs, Canada a leading licensed Canadian pharmacy notes that if lifesaving treatments of this nature are easily accessible and if people are able to buy the expensive oral pills over prolonged periods with support from the health plans, they have a longer time to live.

“Canadian customers are privileges to enjoy government regulated prices when it comes to purchasing drugs and now, more and more people from other parts of the world order from Canada pharmacies due to the shocking price disparity” – stated the spokesman.

When it comes to illnesses as cancer, treatments cost immensely and patients have to worry about the medical costs incurred. At BMD, a number of top brand cancer drugs and their generic versions are offered at 50-70% less than in US pharmacies.

BMD spokes person went on to elaborate on cancer drugs and stated that cancer pills and tablets as  Letrozole Everolimus,  Nilutamide,  Anastrozole,  Bicalutamide,  Dolasetron etc. are available in BMD product portfolio.  “Our prices for Cancer pills are very low compared to the prices at local pharmacies in US. We always try to get the new drugs as soon as they are released to the market by manufacturers. We keep track of the developments in the field and look for best manufacturers from all over the world to give the best quality products at the lowest prices.” – Mike Henderson (Procurement, BMD).

About Big Mountain Drugs Pharmacy:

Big Mountains Drugs is a genuine Canadian pharmacy operating inBritish Columbiaand has been licensed byCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia, the licensing authority for the pharmacies in theprovinceofBritish Columbia. It is a verified member of prestigious Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Pharmacychecker.com an independent verifying company also has verified Big Mountain Drugs for its license, Address and contact information, security of financial details of the customers, privacy of the customers.


Big Mountain, a leading Canada online pharmacy provides a wide portfolio of branded and generic prescription as well as OTC Drugs at affordable prices via its licensed online pharmacy. Customers can now Buy Alimta or any other Canada drugs from Big Mountain Drugs and have it delivered worldwide to their doorstep. BMD is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia,Canada.

For more information on Big Mountain Drugs.Com:

Name   : Ms. Estella Wong

Tel       : 1.778.218.2670

Web     :  http://www.bigmountaindrugs.com/

8322 130th Street,Surrey,

British Columbia,Canada, V3W 8J9


Generic Lipitor at a Fraction of US Prices Now Available at Canada Pharmacies

The top selling branded drug Lipitor comes off its patent protection, raising consumer hopes for a cheaper cholesterol controlling generics.

Patent protection for the world’s best selling prescription drug, Lipitor, ended on 30th November 2011. This paved the way for the generic versions of Lipitor, the widely prescribed cholesterol lowering drug, to enter theUS market. The generic version Atorvastatin Calcium, or generic Lipitor is now available in US andCanada pharmacies. The price of the generic drug is on the average, 20% lower than the brand product at US pharmacies, but would cost only a fraction of its original cost at Canadian pharmacies under HealthCanada regulations on drug prices.

Currently, the first generic product to enter the market is from Ranbaxy, earning the company a six month period of exclusivity in the generic market. But Pfizer has introduced an “authorized generic” product through Watson Pharmaceuticals. Though much awaited big topple in prices did not materialize, it is expected that the prices may hit the bottom when more competitors enter the market with their own generics after the end of six month exclusivity period, predicted an industry analyst.

However, some of the consumers in US had access to generic Lipitor through the online Canadian pharmacies as the generic Lipitor was available inCanadafrom May 2010. It is well known fact that Canadian government with its concern for social benefits, approve generics much faster and also caps the price of drug retail prices. For these reasons, the price of brand Lipitor from Canadian pharmacies is 65%-75% cheaper than the price in US pharmacies.

“If the consumers buy the generic Lipitor from Canadian pharmacies the price can be one tenth of the price of brand name drug in US pharmacies. Even with the availability of the generic drug in US, the prices have not come down as expected, though Pfizer has teamed up with the insurers to bring down the co-payments by reimbursing the cost to insurers” – stated a spokesperson for a leading Canadian pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs.

Consumers who have to pay out of pocket, with low or no health cover should look in to buying from Canadian online pharmacies, as this still remains the best economic option.

The BMD spokes person compared the prices of Lipitor and generic version of it, Atorvastatin and claimed: “Our price for a 90 pill pack of 40 mg brand name Lipitor is  $128 while a pack of 100 pills costs $515 in aUSpharmacy. Our price for generic Lipitor is even less. A pack of 90 pills is priced at $47. These prices show that buying generic Lipitor from Big Mountain Drugs is 90% cheaper than buying brand name drug from aUSpharmacy.”

She went on to say “Even the price for generic drug recently introduced toUSmarket is much higher than our price. Consumers in US can make huge savings when they buy from us. With our wide product range of best quality, low priced drugs we help millions of consumers all over the world. Apart from the price advantage, they love the convenience of ordering online from their homes and receiving the drugs at their doorsteps.”

About Big Mountain Drugs:

Big Mountain Drugs is a registered pharmacy operating inBritish Columbialicensed byCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia,Canada.  It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). In addition to the regular pharmacies, BMD brings best quality medicines at affordable prices to its worldwide clientele through its website, BigMountainDrugs.com. Pharmacychecker.com, the independent company that verifies the international pharmacies also has verified Big Mountain Drugs.


Big Mountain Drugs, a leading Canada online pharmacy  provides a wide portfolio of branded and generic prescription as well as OTC Drugs at affordable prices via its licensed online pharmacy. Customers can now buy Lipitor or generic Lipitor and otherCanada prescription drugs from BMD and have it delivered worldwide to their doorstep. Big Mountain Drugs is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia,Canada.


For more information on Big Mountain Drugs.Com:

Name   : Ms. Estella Wong

Tel       : 1.778.218.2670

Web     :  http://www.bigmountaindrugs.com/

8322 130th Street,Surrey,

British Columbia,Canada, V3W 8J9


Anti-Allergy Drug Allegra Goes OTC at Canadian Pharmacies

Anti-allergy drug Allegra (Generic name: Fexofenadine) and its generic equivalent are now available without prescription, from the leading online Canadian pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs (BMD).

Anti-allergy drug Allegra (Generic name: Fexofenadine) and its generic equivalent are now available without prescription, as an Over the Counter Drug (OTC) from any of the leading online Canadian pharmacies, announced Big Mountain Drugs (BMD). The drug that is used for seasonal allergies (hay fever) such as runny or itchy nose, sneezing, itchy throat, and watery, itchy, or red eyes used to be a prescription drug and a few months ago but has been approved for OTC sales. This provides relief for a vast number of people who get these allergy symptoms regularly, as they do not have to visit a physician, every time they get these symptoms.

Hay fever is one of the commonest allergies affecting millions of people. Hay fever is caused by pollen grains floating in the air. Allegra relieves the symptoms of Hay fever and other allergies in the upper respiratory tract. It is also used for treatment of itching due to hives. Allegra is available as tablets, orally disintegrating tablets and suspension. “Although, the drug is now available as an OTC drug, consumers should exert caution when using Allegra for a number of patient types” cautioned a Big Mountain Drug spokes person. The risk groups include:

  • Patients with kidney disease
  • Those who are over 65 years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • Breast feeding mothers
  • People known to be allergic to fexofenadine

A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drug further elaborated on the subject:

“We offer the lowest prices for Allegra and its generic equivalent products. All the products we offer are of highest quality and come from reputed manufacturers. We are bound by Health Canadastipulations for supplying high quality drugs at lowest prices. Our price for generic Allegra is one sixth of the price consumers in US pay to local pharmacy.”  – Tim Matterhorn (Manager Sales Promotions – BMD)

Purchasing drugs from Canadian pharmacies have become an increasing trend for US customers who enjoy huge savings and the comfort of not having to travel to the drugstore for buying their requirements of medicines as purchases online are delivered to customer doorstep.

The spokesperson digressed from the subject of Allegra going OTC to explain the price advantages to the customers when they buy from BMD. “We reward our loyal customers through our 5% award program. Under this program a reward of 5% of the total value of the order is credited to the customers account. This amount is deducted from the total price of the next purchase made by the customer. In addition customers can save more with the free discount coupons that can be obtained from our partner site onlinepharmacycoupons.com. Customers simply enter the coupon codes obtained from the website, in the order form or quote it when ordering by phone. The discounts range from$5 to $25.”

She pointed out that the consumers need not be scared to buy drugs online if they verify and satisfy themselves with the website they place the order with. “Big Mountain Drugs is a registered and a licensed pharmacy inBritish Columbia,Canada. Our website BigMountainDrugs.com sells quality drugs at low prices to customers from allover the world. BMD is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The authenticity and the service standards have been verified by the independent company Pharmacychecker.com. Customers can verify the registration details from the website of College of Pharmacists ofBritish Columbia, the licensing authority for pharmacies inBritish Columbia.”


Top Canadian Online Pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs provides a wide portfolio of branded and generic prescription as well as OTC Drugs at affordable prices via its licensed online pharmacy. Customers can now buy Allegra from Canadian pharmacy online, and have it delivered worldwide to their doorstep. Big Mountain Drugs is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia,Canada.

For more information on Big Mountain Drugs.Com:

Name   :Ms. Estella Wong

Tel       :1.778.218.2670

Web     :http://www.bigmountaindrugs.com/


8322 130th Street,Surrey,

British Columbia,Canada, V3W 8J9


10 Awesome Hairstyles For Social Occasion

Whether you’re going out for a social occasion or are thinking about your big day, here are ten hairstyles to check out or recommend to your bridesmaids.

1. The updated ponytail

This is not the ponytail that you see in the school yard! Whether it’s an ultra sleek pulled back look or a ponytail with a slight puff, this pulled back look showcases your shoulders, neck, and beautiful earrings.

2. Textured hair

When hair is touchable, approachable, and a little disheveled, there’s something supersexy about it. Contrast a super sleek gown with textured tresses or a beautiful formal gown with a messy bun.

3. Bejeweled

A soft, textured updo with a shiny pin or clip or chunky barett provides contrast and makes a style statement. For your hair accessory to really pop, keep your jewelry simple.

4. The New Tiara

We love tiaras as much as the next girl, but sometimes they’re a little too loud. We love the understated elegance of a slim headband. It’s like an updated tiara: modern and sleek.

5.French braids wrapped around the head

The best thing about this look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. A disheveled appearance is more charming. Don’t worry if you have to fudge a little or pieces fall out along the way—when the braid is too perfect, it can resemble a crown.

6. Side Braid

When you’re done with the braid, break it up with your fingers to make it seem less done. You can also weave multiple braids into the side-swept style.

7. A Loose Chignon

It’s a timeless style that can be worn to both a casual and fancy event. A center part for a more youthful look, but for an unexpected twist, place the bun slightly off-center.

8. Play it Straight

Strong parting adds definition and elegance to any style, and heightens the simplicity of the dress

9. The Side-parted Updo

A deep side part is very glamorous. You should always place it above the highest point of the brow so that it creates a linear appearance and draws attention to your eyes. If your part isn’t lined up this way, it can be distracting.

10. Shiny Hair

Smooth, sleek waves are always in, but for a real statement maker, lacquered old-Hollywood curls are polished and gorgeous.

Molly Warner writes articles for Simply Bridal, a well know designer of custom made wedding dresses. For jaw-dropping wedding gowns and elegant online wedding dresses at unbelievable prices visit http://www.simplybridal.com


East Coast Imports Offer Buy Here Pay Here Solutions on Charlotte Automobile loans

Charlotte, NC ( freeukpressrelease ) January 31, 2012 – In order to eliminate the need of outsourcing auto loans to third party vendors, East Coast Imports offer buy here pay here Charlotte solutions in the form of in-house financing options. Being one among the major used car dealerships, the company takes pride in offering opportunities to finance for customers’ dream vehicles. Expert professionals here helps people to drive away any used car of their choice regardless of the financial situation they’re in.

People today choose to buy used cars mostly because of its quick affordability and ease of convenience in purchasing deals. More often it’s not possible for car buyers to obtain financing from reputed financial institutions and banks. And it is here when they need the assistance of a buy here pay here dealer. Understanding this unique need of customers, East Coast Imports has been offering simple auto financing solutions. Whatever credit problems customers have or are about to face, this Charlotte based dealer helps them choose the right kind of auto financing in no time.

Opposed to the other available loan types, buy here pay here provides a greater flexibility with all the formal procedures and paper works involved with used car purchases. Right from the setting up of the financial deal to down payments and other loan terms, buy here pay here deals offer flexible options for customers to obtain auto loans by improving their credit score. There are also options available with the website for users to sell their pre-owned car and buy a new one.

“We have affordable and cheap second hand automobiles and we offer EZ credit loans and in house vehicle financing”, says the spokesperson of EastCoastImportsNC.com, “Whether you’re looking for note car lots that tote the note, bad credit ok, easy loans, bargain pre-owned dealers, your job is your credit, or repossessed auction used cars, all with great pricing and low down payments, We’ve got them at East Coast!”

EastCoastImportsNC.com features a list of quality used cars, trucks and SUVs for people to browse and choose for the one of their choice. Vehicle specifications and other details are available online for the view of customers thus eliminating the need of searching through classifieds and business magazines for buying used cars in Charlotte.

About EastCoastImportsNC.com

East Coast Imports is Charlotte’s premier Buy Here Pay Here automobile dealership. The company has been offering quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs for people with good, bad, poor or no credit. For more details, visit http://www.eastcoastimportsnc.com/



Hotel Vancouver with Valentines Special Offer!

January 31, 2012; Burnaby, BC: With great choice of packages, start celebrating your Valentine day in a more special and memorable way. Happy Day Inn has been offering you the chance to enjoy great choices of accommodation, dinner and private wine tour in Burnaby, BC.

Valentine day is all about presenting flowers, sending greeting cards, offering confectionary and much more. In short, it is about enjoying moments for people in love. There are various ways to make the day memorable and special for all.

Considering this, you can check out the valentine package of Happy Day Inn which is valid from 11th Feb. to 16th Feb. More about the packages:

1 night accommodation

You can enjoy one night lodging as a part of the package. Considering the convenience of guests, the hotels come with rooms with fully equipped kitchenettes, color Cable TVs, private bathrooms, air conditioning, direct dial phones with data ports and much more. Coffee makers and hair dryers are additional features of rooms.

Champagne & chocolates

Champagne and chocolates can add more to the memories of valentine day. Hotel Vancouver packages are subjected to applicable taxes as well as availability.

Additional items

Additional items which can make you happier for the package includes dinner for two at $139.99 and private wine tour at $264.99.

Offer is valid from Feb 11- 16 and for reservations, you can either make calls or mail to the hotel Vancouver. Thus, it can be said that one can avail benefits of watching popular attractions and enjoy amenities this valentine day with special Valentine package starting from $89. Contact to Happy Day Inn and make your registration successful and valid.

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