The Debate on the Online Pharmacy Ban Continues in the US Senate

A recently tabled bill to relax legislature that controls the import of foreign drugs for personal consumption was rejected by theUSsenate. The debate continues on as some law makers push for tightening the laws against the influx of foreign drugs, especially from Canadian online pharmacies reaching US citizens. On the other hand, there is a rising voice against such legislature, asUScitizens struggle with rising costs of medicines and dwindling government support in terms of health benefit plans. Buying online fromCanadapharmacies has opened a new avenue for US citizens to secure quality drugs at affordable prices. The price disparity between the same drug from US and fromCanadais as high as 70%.

“This price difference is staggering and cannot be ignored by US citizens who are struggling to fill their prescriptions. When a patient requests for a foreign drug prescription, I oblige them for his reason.” stated a doctor who was asked on his willingness to write out prescriptions for cheaper foreign versions of US drugs.

It is no secret now that the Brand-name drugs as well as their generics priced high forUSmarket while supplied under the regulated price ceilings inCanadaand some other foreign countries. This is because the governments in these countries put social benefits for their citizens ahead of the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ profit orientations. In theUS, the regulated drug prices are only applicable for certain programs as Medicaid. If this is extended to cover all government funded health care plans, and also to cover market pricing, the need for debating over banning foreign drugs can certainly cease.

The main argument posed by the proponents of foreign drug ban is the threat of health hazard from rogue pharmacies operating online, under the guise of legitimate pharmacies. Speaking on this matter, Gabriel Levitt, vice president of White Plains, N.Y.-based PharmacyChecker.com had the following to say “We believe that rogue online pharmacies are definitely life-threatening, but properly credentialed international online pharmacies are actually lifelines.” Levitt’s sentiments are held and supported by many and millions of customers would vouch for it. If the problem is with the rogue pharmacies, law enforcement bodies should descend on these scammers and bring them under the net of justice. “Some of these pharmacy scammers are well organized and put a lot of effort to appear authentic” cautioned Jennifer Wall, a senior director with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Some even falsify logos, approval seals of verification bodies and recreate “dupe sites clones” of these verification bodies that they link to their web site.

“If a customer wants to check the authenticity of a verifying agency membership of an online pharmacy, they should visit the verification authority site through an independent web search and not through a clickable link in a pharmacy web site” stated a spokes person of Big Mountain Drugs.Com, a reputed and certified Canadian online pharmacy.

Verification programs run by independent and well reputed bodies such as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy or the Canadian International Pharmacy Association are useful for consumers to make an assured choice when it comes to choosing online pharmacy suppliers that are authentic and reliable. This can be an effective solution that can allow consumers from any country to benefit from low priced drugs from various destinations in the world, while being safe from scamming criminals.

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