Song Xiaowan to see her depressed

Zhao, fruit was filled with gratitude for Zhouxiao Zhang, Yuan Qin and the teeth of hatred. Yuan Qin did not believe she is outspoken and one o’clock it was wrong, she felt, in this school, everyone is wearing a mask of life, some still wearing several pairs, is one of, the next is one of the side there is another vice, including her master Tangcheng Ling. wholesale coach purses Often Tangcheng Ling’s office in Zhoujiao Zhang laughed like flowers with a red turned to come back to pound the table plus a teacher who started the group shouted, as if at any time staged live version of “fade.”
The next morning no class, Zhao decided to go back at the fruit to her room to find someone to switch a change in a few days ago a little bad, old key failure.
She went back two-story main building of the office when he suddenly heard the door came laughing out loud: “… Guoshan Jie, and from the Treasury today to find anything good to touch the Zhao sent ah?”
Guo Shanjie shy voice: “… no, that she did not open the door.”
“You get so down again, what the Treasury can be evacuated to you! You in the end that did not say you like her ah? Have to send something for so long!”
“I do not know how people think …” Guo Shanjie answer honestly eight pay, but also sparked a burst of noisy laughter, and everyone booing loudly: “… soon to go back to your father say ah, let your father say on the line with the principal , your father so powerful, wholesale coach bags that on into the custody of a … ”
Zhao, fruit pale with anger, turned away. She ran back to his dormitory, opened the door, the inside of things to throw out a piece, threw a washstand finished the last, she tired out of breath, and ran like a gust of wind at the back, directed at the people inside the stunned said: “Excuse me, which went to clean up things in front of me, or I should get to the principal!” Zhao, fruit hate the legendary Gouzhangrenshi his life, came to own and found that the tiger can only pull the banner to do things done, or When all the air is transparent.
Afternoon after school, Zhao fruit back to the dorm to see in front of a bunch of things that have been cleared away, her disgust to think back to what group of people is, is simply rubbish, are they behind the original Guo Shanjie In the instructions, they have been looking at her jokes, waiting for her fool of myself.
Zhao, fruit grew more and more gas, called Zhao Lei, is no answer. She was angry, angrily removed the phone number cheap juicy couture handbags
Zhao Lei, off, ate dinner, went straight to the Song Xiaowan schools. I did not expect Song Xiaowan changed quarters, asking for a long time only in an old two-story building to find her, evidently, Song Xiaowan fared better than her, because she is also a cottage to live with, now for building up.
Song Xiaowan to see her depressed appearance, considerate immediately asked her not to eat dinner, Zhao fruit cry, cry Song Xiaowan waited ten minutes before she advised her, she opened the cupboard turn material to cook.
Zhao, fruit and vegetables while eating bibimbap Song Xiaowan crash, while also not forget to ask her when the change of quarters. Bring it on the air dormitory Song Xiaowan not one to play. She more than anger disappeared, said: “National Day holiday is not the last time? I Huile Tang family came back, I found my room to live someone else, all my stuff was gone, I find, Director General, he said to new teachers, and shared with others so I go, I also find my stuff on the warehouse to go. TMD, too far! say hello to me not to play soon put me to pry the lock, and hijacked the whole thing a. I do not like them much nonsense, immediately went to findSan Diego Chargers jerseys principal, told him that if not resolved this matter, I call the police, they report to the Board of Education to go! they Mozhe, immediately gave me for the dorm, so I live to This building came up. ”
Zhao, fruit nodded, Song Xiaowan see the potential opportunity to persuade her: “So please, do not bully people think that Hello The hard when you have hard, you is not hard, no one to help you.”
From the Song Xiaowan there back fruit Zhao seemed to understand a little, or nothing if they do not understand. Faced with this complex society, her loss.