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Ufiction is a cost-free online web portal, where passionate writers can participate and share their imaginative and creative work of writing with an online community all across the world.

Ufiction is a cost-free online web portal that allows novice as well as experienced writers to publish their work of creative writing. It is a wonderful platform as the art of writing is enjoyed by millions of people across the world.

People who love writing stories, drama or fiction need an ideal platform to prove their passion and talent. And nothing could be best than online platform. The platform is designed to expand the creativity and analytical skills of the budding writers. It guides young writers with slang, verbosity, pedantry, colloquialism, and circumlocution.

The team of Ufiction helps talented group of writers to organize their ideas and make their writing more and more interesting. It is a platform where you can narrate your imagination and share it with online community of writers all across the world. Here, you can easily publish your vast array of informative articles without any hassle.

•    The website organize various Online Writing Contest from time to time, in which any registered user can participate and avail the chance of winning whooping cash prize and sumptuous gifts like iPAD 2 of 16 GB.

•    It also promotes good writing work and stimulates imagination of participants with the transparent ranking system that is purely based on the number of times the particular web page is browsed by the visitor.

The portal is uniquely designed to appreciate young talent and provides extremely creative environment and unique tools for Online Story Writing. The web portal guides upcoming writers with format, style and grammar. It welcomes all forms of writing like scripts, book chapters, non-fiction, fiction, humor, drama, poetry and any other form of prose.

There is a mandatory requirement of registration that comprises of simple steps and consumes only few minutes. It is just to prove your authenticity and once the registration process is complete you are open to publish your work on any category of your choice such as action, fable, historical, kids, mythology, play, biography, fantasy, horror, non-fiction, poetry, spiritual, essay, general, humor, mystery, other fiction, supernatural and romance.

Uficiton is an online portal that allows budding as well as renowned writers to participate their work of creating writing all across the word. In order to promote good work of writing it organizes several contests, where participants can win exciting cash prizes and gifts.