Mod Converter for Mac – How to convert JVC .mod to avi/mpeg/mp4/wmv/h.264, etc on Mac?

Right now, more and more mac users have their digital life with their digital products, like DV, Canon MOD Camcorders, JVC MOD Camcorders and so on. Most of these procure video is uncommon, they are .mod format files.

When we want to watch the video from our JVC Camcorder on Mac QuickTime, we should convert mod to mov on mac, because the QT support the .mov file, don’t understand the mod video, so convert mod to mov is the step that we can’t ignore.

Mod Converter for Mac is the best converter to convert mod on Mac, with the mac mod converter, we can convert mod to mov mac, and also convert mod to mp4, mpeg1, mpeg2, avi, divx, xvid, wmv, asf, h.264, mpeg4, etc. And we also can convert mod to iPod, convert mod to iPhone, convert mod to PSP, Apple TV, iRiver, iTunes, Zune, Zen, Mobile phones and other different devices.

With Mac Mod Converter, we can convert mod to what we need on Mac, it is easy to use and very powerful. Mod Converter for Mac is the best mod converter on Mac. With the mac mod converter we will get a greater digital life.

How to convert mod on Mac OS X?

Step 1: add your Digital Camcorder mod files.
Free download Mod Converter for Mac, install and run it, then click “add file” button to import your mod files.

Step 2: Select output format
In the “down-list”, just select the right format like .mov which can be supportted by Quite Time on Mac.

Step 3: the end, click the “Convert” button
Click “Convert” button, it begins to convert your mod files to mov.