Key Control Systems for Better Control over Keys and Assets

December 13, 2011, Colorado, US: Located in the Colorado region of US, Key Tracer is a reputed key control expert that has launched its advanced and user-friendly key control system to provide businesses complete control over their important keys and assets.  The system is capable enough to look after various key and asset security related requirements of customers in a majority of sectors including retail, corrections, education, healthcare, property mgmt.etc.

Key control system has been introduced by the company keeping in mind the diverse key security related troubles of businesses. Important features supported by such systems include:

Locks each key inside a locked cabinet

This is one of the most impressive features associated with the key control system launched by the company. With such a system installed ay your business place, you would not have to worry about your keys lying here and there. The system locks each set of keys inside the licked cabinet and makes sure that these are released only to the authorized employees. This means any outsider cannot access these keys without the permission of the management.

Presence of easy to use software

The presence of user-friendly software in the system makes it possible for the businesses to control more than 1000’s of keys at the same time. Thus, they need not to bother about any of their important keys or assets.

Alarm feature

Because of the presence of alarm feature in key control system, quick information is passed to the management in case an outsider tries to access any of your business key. The alarms quickly inform the management to save any further trouble.

Various authentication options

There are several authentication options present in these systems including biometric technology.

With all these features available in key control systems, business can feel completely secure with their keys and assets.