Devices that deter burglars from your home

Residential burglaries have risen by 18.5% as the economy slows according to the London Times article published lasts June, 2011. This offense in law includes the elements of trespassing and the intent to commit certain kinds of crimes. The most common offenses entwined with residential burglary include theft, property damage, assault, rape and in some cases even murder. In light of this, crime prevention is the best way of protecting yourself, your family and valuable assets from burglars.

About 64% of residential burglaries happen by breaking a window or forcing a door open or tailgating.  Installing an intruder alarms system in your home will make it a deterrent to criminals.  Alarm systems are electronic devices that have sensors. The alarm sensors sound when there is an unusual opening in the door or window.

Home alarms are also financially rewarding. The connection made between the unit and the signals detect smoke and fire. On top of the constant burglar protection, insurance companies provide fire protection and fire risk assessment to homeowners paying daily or monthly monitoring services.

Additionally automating your home along while keeping windows and doors locked at all times will ensure your house from intruders. Door entry systems will prevent anyone from breaking in. Keyless entry locks are more convenient and secured compared to padlocks where keys often get misplaced. Entry access systems open through number or code combination, biometrics in the form of fingerprint, face and speech recognition so there’s no need to bring in the keys.

Discourage the thief from entering your property by building fences around your house and pruning your plants. Trees, bushes and shrubs are places which allow the intruder to hide and camouflage at night. Regular trimming of your vegetation and making your garden clean will not only make your house attractive but will also make it easier for you to notice any suspicious neighbors and passersby.

While away from the confines of your home during a vacation or business trip keep an eye on your property by installing CCTV (abbreviation for closed-circuit camera television) systems. A portable wireless system which operates through an electrical outlet and software will watch over your home so you will be able to see it in any internet enabled device. The software will configure the camera and pick up the signal to transmit the images to your mobile device or computer. This surveillance equipment will capture unwanted intruders because you have a visible protection and a secure recording device to capture any suspicions characters coming near your home. CCTV systems are 90% effective in keeping off trespassers and the most comprehensive way of protecting your family and property while you are away.