Call Center Benefits Of A Predictive Dialer

http://technewscast.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Hosted-VoIP-phone-service.jpgA Predictive Dialer is a component of business phone system, generally in a Call Center environment, that dials automatically, a list of telephone numbers (a client or prospect list) and connects live callers automatically to an available Call Center Agent.

The predictive dialer uses a sophisticated algorithm, that learns the unigue calling patterns of a call center, predicts availability of Hosted VoIP Virtual Call Center agents, dials the appropriate amount of telephone numbers and maximizes the time agents spending speaking with live callers.

How does a predictive dialer work?

The predictive dialer keeps track of the success rate (calls answered by a live person) of the telephone numbers on the list being dialed, an adjusts the rate at which telephone numbers are dialed. The predictive dialer simultaneously monitors the call center agents to determine a typical call length and therefore when an agent will next be available. The dialer dialer uses this information to maximize the time call center agents speak with live callers.

Unanswered, busy, disconnected calls, calls to fax, answering, and automated services are disgarded, only calls answered by live people are connected to agents. This greatly increases the productivity as it frees them from the agents from having to manually dial telephone numbers, waiting idly listening to voice mail greetings, and spending valuable time on unsuccessful calls.

Why are pedictive dialers popular?

Predictive dialers are popular because they result in significant savings by reducing the number of call center agents required to handle a given volume of calls. Every minute a call center agent spends on tasks other than speaking with a live caller is inefficient. Dialing phone numbers, listening to voice greetings are time not spent handling import customer, tech support, and potential customer calls.

A predictive dialer has been shown to dramatically increase the percentage of time call center agents spend communicating with customers. VoIP small business that implements predictive dialers can expect an increase in agent talk time and therefore productivity. Agents in call centers that do not use predictive dialers typically spend 20-minutes per hour talking to a live customer, whereas agents in VoIP broadband phone service that use a predictive dialer spend approximately 45-minutes out of each hour speaking with customers. This is a dramatic increase in productivity and therefore cost savings.

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