Big News on Vet Med Prices from Big Mountain Drugs

Pet ownership is at an all time high around the world and especially in countries as US andCanada. While keeping a pet brings joy and companionship to the household, it is certainly an expensive affair. With sky rocketing human drug prices, the pet vet care products are following suit, leaving a big dent in the pockets of pet owners.  However, a recent consumer poll revealed some interesting facts on pet vet care spending. One of the findings was that pet owners feel responsible and more guilty if they do not buy the proper medicines and vet care for their pets, when they are ill, compared to neglecting their own medical conditions.

However, with the escalating prices of the veterinary medications, caring for an illness of a pet can be beyond the pet owner unless they are covered with a pet health insurance plan. This is why it is important that pet owner maintain a high awareness of sources from where they can secure high quality medications at the lowest possible cost. A majority of consumers are now well aware of the benefits of online purchases from licensed Canadian pharmacies, when it comes to their own medicines. However, most are unaware that pet vet medicines are also available in some of theseCanadapharmacies.

A spokesperson for Big Mountains Drugs stated that they can help the pet owners in many ways to get quality pet medications at rock bottom prices. “Our pharmacy stocks pet medications, in addition to our normal medicines for human use. There are many medications produces for humans that can be used for dogs and cats. For example, Latanoprost ophthalmic solution (Xalatan), is prescribed by most veterinarians for Glaucma in Dogs. The Vet care product range is comprehensive and Big Mountain Drugs can offer them at prices less than 70-80% which is unbelievable to many of our clients.”  Due to these extremely low prices, some first time customers are rather dubious as to the quality of the products. According to a Canada Pharmacy Association representative, the low prices ofCanadapharmacies have nothing to do with low quality. One reason is that the online pharmacies incur only a fraction of the operating overheads that a conventional high street pharmacy in an uptown US or European pharmacy would incur. “Secondly and most importantly, Canadian drug sales are regulated by the government with a prescribed price ceiling. If pharmaceutical companies are interested in marketing their products inCanada, they need to accept such price pressures put by the Canadian government.

Big Mountain Drug’s range of pet medications is sold at extremely affordable prices. There are various reward schemes on top of already low prices, explained a spokesperson for the company. “Our usual discount scheme and the 5% reward program apply to pet medicines as well, bringing the costs further down. By visiting our partner site onlinepharmacycoupons.com customers can get discounts coupons worth from $5 to $25 depending on the drugs they purchase.” These coupon codes have to be quoted at the time of placing the order to secure the relevant coupon benefit. A popular coupon code for pet medications is ‘pet10’. By simply entering this code in the order form, consumers receive a $10 discount on the overall bill. Reward programs of BMD gives a further credit reward of 5% of the total price of the order to the customer. This amount will be deducted from the next purchase bill of the customer.

Big Mountain Drugs is a pharmacy licensed in the provinceof British Columbia, Canada, by Collegeof Pharmacistsof BC, operating both regular brick and mortar pharmacies and a Canadian online pharmacy. It ensures that prescriptions supplied through our website are dispensed by a well qualified and experienced staff adhering to legal, ethical and professional standards. The customers who have any questions or concerns about Big Mountain Drugs can contact the College of Pharmacists of BC, the licensing authority for pharmacies in British Columbia, at 200-1765 West 8th Avenue; Vancouver, BC; V6J 5C6, or online at http://www.bcpharmacists.org.

Big Mountain Drugs is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and a member of International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). Being a member of these prestigious organizations representing the pharmacy industry Big Mountains Drugs comply with all the regulatory and safety standards when the customers’ orders are delivered to them safely and promptly.


One of the top rung Canadian Pharmacies, the Big Mountain Drugs offer a wide range of  Canadian drugs that are approved by both the FDA and Health Canada to treat any ailment or diseases. Consumers can now purchase their Pet vet medications too from BMD online pharmacy, saving money and travel time. Medications as Generic Effexorand other drugs are available at deeply discounted prices and will be served by licensed pharmacists. BMD is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia,Canada.