Big Mountain Coupons Make Substantial Dollar Savings for Customers

Coupon discounts is now a well established promotional gimmick in most industries, starting from super markets to restaurants. While they are quite useful and beneficial, it still attracts the customer to spend on items or services that they may not really be intending to purchase. In short, they induce purchases, even if the item is not essential. However, when it comes to Drug discount coupons, it is a true reward for the consumer than being a promotional gimmick. Speaking on the subject, the head of marketing of Big Mountain Drugs Pharmacy of British Colombia,Canadahad this to say: “Medicines are probable one of the rare items that people would only buy if they really need it. So, whether or not see a coupon deal, when they need, it they have to purchase it. Similarly, even if the coupon offers a 50% off, people will not be induced to buy medicines that they don’t want. So, in short, we use this mode as an authentic means of rewarding our customers and helping to bring their costs down”

Big Mountain Drugs (BMD), the reputed online Canadian pharmacy, offers discounts ranging from $5 to $25 on various drugs sold by them. It is quite easy to find the coupon codes and use them to get discounts when purchasing drugs online from BMD. The worldwide customers of BMD enjoy many benefits like high quality of products and service, delivery to doorstep, lowest prices, discounts offered through coupons, and the unique 5% rewards scheme offered only by BMD. According to company figures, over half a million US$ worth of discounts have been offered under the 5% off scheme.

According to the spokesperson of BMD, making use of discount coupon codes is very easy. “We have partnered with onlinepharmacycoupons.com to bring our discount coupons to a wider group of customers. They can visit onlinepharmacycoupons.com and copy the relevant coupon code, send it by email, fax or by phone. They can use it when buying medicines online from our site too.” There are more than 150 different BMD coupons that can be used for different drugs. Some of these coupon codes are valid for any drug. For example, the senior friendly coupon for $10 can be use on the total bill value. The discounts allowed on these coupons range from $5 to $50.

Furthermore, unique loyalty reward scheme of BMD automatically gives a reward of 5% of the total price of the order. This reward can be redeemed against the next purchase of drugs from BMD. Being one of the cheapest sources of quality drugs, Big Mountain Drugs leads from the front when it comes to offering affordable prices to its customers. “WhileCanadapharmacies are known to offer affordable drugs to consumers world over, Big Mountain Drugs takes it even a step further with these added benefits. The discount coupons and reward scheme make the costs still lower. The savings that can be made by purchase with BMD re not just Nickels and Dimes” elaborated the spokesperson further.

Buying drugs from a reputed Canadian online pharmacy can definitely help save money, but there are some who are still afraid to make online purchases due to some misconceptions regarding online pharmacies. These fears are not unfounded, as some rogue pharmacies online are cheating unsuspecting customers, by selling counterfeit, low quality, substituted and unapproved drugs. Big Mountain Drugs is a legitimate Canadian pharmacy licensed byCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia. It operates an online pharmacy in addition to its regular brick and mortar pharmacies. BMD is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and has been verified by PharmacyChecke.com as well.


Big Mountain Drugs.Com is a reputed Canada pharmacy, that offers a comprehensive range of Canada drugs in branded, generic and OTC form.  Medications as Allegra 30 mg and other drugs are available at deeply discounted prices. BMD is a CIPA approved pharmacy operating from British Colombia,Canada. For more information on health related issues, visit our Big Mountain Drugs blog pages.