Acne Gel Aczone Added to Big Mountain Drugs Portfolio

Acne is one of the most common dermatological disorders suffered by millions worldwide and a new prescription acne gel, Aczone has been recently approved. The efficacy of Aczone gel 5% in treating acne of critical conditions have been proven with clinical tests. It is now available with Big Mountain Drugs, making it widely affordable due to the government regulated low medicine and drug prices inCanada.

Speaking of the new medicine, a spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs explained that the active ingredient in Aczone gel, which is Dapsone was discovered was back in 1932. It has been used in treating different skin conditions including leprosy, due to its anti-bacterial action. Commonly known as pimples, acne is also a bacterial inflammation and should be treated with antibacterial medications, if it has spread to a critical stage. Acne is a condition common for teenagers, but may develop in other age groups as well as in both genders. While the triggering of an acne attack may be caused by a number of factors, the inflammation of clogged pores will create the need for antibacterial medications in severe cases of acne.

In case of severe acne, it is necessary to get advice from a Dermatologist who would prescribe suitable medications such as Aczone. Trying various cures sold by rogue pharmacies and unlicensed vendors, can be dangerous as ingredients used in many of these cures may have serious and lasting side effects. A spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs explained the dangers of using unapproved medications, and drugs without prescription from a doctor.

“Some ingredients used in these so called medications can be harmful if taken along with other medications and drugs. This is specially so if the patients have conditions like allergies or other illnesses. Unregulated usage without medial prescriptions may lead to excess dosages that exceed safe limits. Patients have to be very careful when they buy medicines that are not approved by the authorities that have not passed the clinical trials and the safety standards.”

Elaborating further, the BMD spokesperson stressed on the importance of buying drugs from reputed pharmacies as a number of rogue pharmacies have mushroomed on the internet, abusing the virtual nature of the business transactions involved.  A representative of CIPA went on to state the following on the subject: “It is important that consumers be extremely careful to avoid such rogue pharmacies, the only purpose of these rogue pharmacies is to make a quick buck, and they are not interested of the health of the patient. CIPA is taking all possible actions to encourage the legislatures crack down on these rogues.”

Big Mountain Drugs is one of the top rung licensedCanadapharmacies, not only operating online pharmacies but operating brick and mortar pharmacies inBritish Columbia,Canadaas well. Big Mountain Drugs serves a worldwide clientele with high quality drugs at affordable prices. BMD is licensed by the regulating body for pharmacies inBritish Columbia, theCollegeofPharmacistsofBritish Columbia. It is a verified member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) as well as a member of the PharmacyChecker.com, an independent verifying body of authentic online pharmacy operators.

When buying medicines from Big Mountain Drugs customers can make huge savings because of the low prices and the discounts given. Customers can get a discount coupon for Aczone, which allows them $5 discount, from onlinepharmacycoupons.com. They are entitled for a 5% reward on the total bill that can be used for a subsequent purchase from Big Mountain Drugs. With Canadian pharmacies of the nature of BMD, the woes of those suffering from various terminal illnesses in meeting their medical prescriptions has come to an end.


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